Get to Know Me


So, a little about myself. Well, my name is Jordan. I’m 24 years old. I live in the USA, on the western coast, in an area known as the Pacific Northwest. You know, where Big Foot lives 😉  I have had a love for reading since I was 7 years old when I finished my very first book all by myself. The Magic Treehouse. Those were the days. I remember when I turned the last page, it felt magical. I had completed this amazing, impossible journey with characters that felt like friends. And now I missed them. I wanted more of that feeling. And I’ve been chasing it ever since.

I love long walks around Barnes and Noble, going to the beach, drinking Cinnamon Dolce lattes from Starbucks, speaking fluent sarcasm with friends (and my mom, who is my best friend), dancing in the rain, reading in a cozy area while it rains, spending time with my huge family (which is always a mass of chaotic joy), and pondering ideas for the numerous books I hope to write one day. I’m not one for partying/drinking/experimenting and all that. People used to tell me that made me strange. But it doesn’t. Pretending to like something everyone else loves is strange (Emma Watson taught me that. Thanks, girl!). Being who you are, and learning to love that person, is the most important thing you can do. Never feel weird for being you!

When I’m not busy with all of that, I am a nurse working at a hospital on the behavioral health unit. It’s a job I kind of fell into, but I love it to pieces. I feel like I’m really making a difference each day I’m at work. I’m also planning to return to school as a Grad student so I can get a Master’s in education and become a nursing professor! Then I can mold minds part-time. 😉 I love helping people and bringing a little light to their darkest times. I hope I can make a significant difference in someone’s life while funding my writing career, which will ideally also make a difference.

You can read my first blog post to see some of my favorite books and series. There are a lot of them!

Welcome to my little cozy area of the internet. I hope you stick around 🙂


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